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Live . Share . Build

Always bring your own sunshine!

Incorporating Essential Oils in your daily live
is very easy and incredibly rewarding!  

​Retail Customer

If you just want to try one or two oils and think you will not want to try any more, you can buy retail at full price with no wholesale membership. 

Wholesale Customer

Pick any kit for extra discount & free membership (or buy a membership €24 & buy a la carte) and receive 25%-55% off on anything you buy for a year with no hidden strings. 

Wellness Advocate

25%-55% off, plus ability to earn from sharing, pick any enrollment kit or simply buy a wellness advocate membership.

How to Get Started...

doTERRA's Popular Starter Kit

The idea is to have a nice collection on hand, so you have an answer to most of your needs, you can add to the collection gradually and when you love them as much as us, you will want collections in every room.
These keep their potency for years - great investment for the home.


Lavender (calming), 
Peppermint (cooling & invigorating), 
Melaleuca (skin & anti-fungal), 
Frankincense (powerful & versatile), 
Breathe (respiratory support), 
Lemon (cleansing & freshening),
Oregano (immune support),
Digestzen Blend (digestive support),
OnGuard Blend (immune & cleaning) and
​Deep Blue Blend (muscle & joint support). 

Many of the oils have various uses so most people like to have the 10 most popular oils,

at least and add to the collection as they need.


There are 250 drops in a

15 ml bottle of doTERRA Essential Oil 

We use on average

2-4 drops at a time.

The most popular  'Home Essentials', contains 5ml versions of the 10 oils no-one should be without, and is a great way to start. It is also available in bigger bottles with 3x the oil

(15ml, except Deep Blue) and a diffuser.

For those with a slightly tighter budget, the 'Family Physician Kit', contains 5ml versions of

the 10 oils no-one should be without, and is a great way to start.

Frankincense is one of the most loved and most precious oils and either a 5ml, or 15ml is

included in both these options.  This alone makes the starter kits a must have! 

If you are particularly drawn to the oils for emotional support there is a great kit specially for you and I use all of these of course, everybody should! If your gut is your concern then the Cleanse and Restore kit is fantastic, again something most people should look into.



Doing the things that make you feel more like yourself

Still Not Sure? Read On



I just want specific oils, not a kit?

No problem, as a 'wholesale customer' you can still get the 25-55% discount by purchasing the wholesale membership at £20.

Choose the basic 'Enrolment Kit' option, which is just a welcome packet, and add individual  oils/products.
​Or buy retail and pay full price.

​See your country's pricelists for
​retail v wholesale comparison:
​UK, Europe, Australia, US

Which kit should I choose?

The most popular option as there is a kit for every budget. They are very well thought out so you cannot go wrong and give you the biggest savings.

​You can choose overall wellness, emotional kits, athletes kit or the business leaders kit with almost every product and oil doTERRA make which is really fun.

What do I need to start sharing?

Just sign up for an 'Independant Product Consultant' account, instead of a 'wholesale customer' account and purchase whichever kit or oils you want and start to share! 

The more products you have the easier it is to share them, spend as much as you can comfortably. Make sure the person who introduced you to the oils knows you intend to share. 

With any kit you get a free wholesale membership, or choose ability to earn.

(NO minimum purchase, and no future purchase necessary ​with ANY doTERRA account) 

Book a complimentary wellness consultation with Estelle.

Extra Free Gifts with Any Enrollment Kit  

  • 150 Uses for Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint

  • Welcome Pack from doTERRA

  • 1 hour wellness consultation

  • Entry to private international user forums on FB

  • Weekly tips 

  • 3x 20 minute, monthly, private wellness coaching sessions

  • access to doTERRA University

Extra for those who are active wellness advocates

  • ​Free doTERRA Website

  • Free Training Programs

  • Free 1 to 1 and group, mentoring and support

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