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CV and Application solutions


Do you need a mentor to help you secure that dream job?


Have you ever wondered whether your CV was really up to scratch, meeting the current application demands? Have you ever have sat, staring aimlessly, at your computer screen for hours while trying to think how to start a cover letter? Have your nerves or lack of experience on how to prepare ever deterred you from showing your absolute best during an interview? Or have you ever thought about giving your CV good make over and refreshing update?


Recruiters and hiring managers these days are inundated with a high influx of CVs and cover letters after posting a hot job during peak season. What that has given them is the expertise to very quickly narrow down from a heap of applications, to a few top candidates that stand out from the crowd and it’s the slightest detail that can give you that edge. The format, the wording, the relevance in your bio, and the attention grabbing opening line of your cover letter are just a few of the things that can have a very subtle attraction for people looking to place you in your dream role.


Within Stellar People there is over 20 years of experience in the recruitment business and that has earned a very sharp eye for detail when it comes to all things ‘Recruitment’. From writing or reviewing your CV and cover letter, providing feedback and being your personal advisor throughout the entire application, interview and contract negotiating process; there isn’t a layer we haven’t got covered!


With our Stellar CV and Application services, there will be a plan suited to cover your needs on brushing up your full application process, to optimise your chances of closing the deal on your new role and branding yourself to the max. Click below for a breakdown of our plans.

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